Flight Academy (9th to 13th December 2019)

The week will fly by as we travel through time looking at the earliest flying machines right up to modern day rocket launches. Become a Junior Aviator and discover the principles of flight and aerodynamics. Zip up your space suit for a planetary tour while we investigate the wonders of our very own Milky Way. Join your fellow astronauts as we send an awesome Mad Science rocket to the moon…well at least into the sky! It will be a blast!

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4 children running a green field with a tree in the background.  The child in front is holding a toy plane.

Discover our Daily Themes!

The Wright Stuff

Get the low-down on air pressure & how it affects flight! The Mad Science Giant vortex generator makes a special guest appearance. Do the toilet paper wave & watch beach balls soar! Build 4 stunt planes: The Falcon, Mad Bat, Wind Rider, & Fireball. Make & fly an amazing stunt plane that loops the loop to land back in your hand!


Up, Up, and Away

Non-planes rule the day! Test fly parachutes and compete in the Parachute group challenge. Make a hovercraft for some smooth gliding action! Fly a copter then make your own paper one. Try controlling the flight of the paper copter into a cave… Best team wins! Make the egg-stronaut and experiment with all sorts of other exciting flying devices!


Moving Motion

It’s time for some Inertia insanity as campers explore Motion! See the Mad Scientist perform the tablecloth trick, create mayhem with carrom, & move wheels of steel to illustrate Newton's Laws. Don't lose your balance to triumph in the Egg Drop challenge! Explore Gravity & Friction: Build & launch the Newton Spinner, dragster car, parachutes.


Rockin' Rockets I

Launch a simple soda rocket in teams to start off this 2-day Rocket Module. Discover Newton's Laws in action as you build your own simple rocket with 3 fins & launch your own rocket! Then make your own altitude calculator & use it to measure how high you have shot your rocket! It’s amazing how time flies when there is so much rocket fun!


Rockin' Rockets II

Campers progress to more complex 4 finned rocket designs and flex their creative muscles by inventing their own flight enhancing rocket features. Work on a retrieval system so that these rockets land safely. Finally, celebrate with a pre-launch Mad Science brew and get ready to 3-2-1 blast off those super-duper enhanced rockets!


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