Junior Occupations (25th to 29th November 2019)

It's Mad Science at work – literally! Children discover and experiment with Science that could one day be their dream occupation! Hands on and minds on, kids build their own bird feeder, dig for minerals, erupt a volcano, create a cloud in a bottle and build a geodesic dome among other exciting stuff that just might help your child discover his / her vocation!!

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Girl in white space suit and an open helmet with navy blue strips on arms holding side of her head.

Discover our daily themes!

Junior Zoologist

Meet the call of the wild and learn all about the Birds and the Beasts. Children simulate the behaviour of animals to understand what they do to survive. Habitats! Adaptations! Camouflage! What would you do as a predator hunting for field mice? Play an intriguing game to find out. Examine special features in animals that help them to survive! Meet


Junior Geologist

Fall into a state of Mineral Mania! Meet a range of different rocks – igneous sedimentary and metamorphic, learn how to identify and classify them, and then pan for precious gems. Build a landform model and make your own sedimentary rock from surprising Mad Science materials! Experiment with weathering and erosion using sugar and sand. Then design


Junior Climatologist

Illuminate the Reason for Seasons & see / touch / discover the instruments used to measure Weather. Make your own thermometer to see how it works & learn how to forecast the weather. Work up a wintry snowstorm, experience a chilly wind, create a cloud in a bottle & make a thunderstorm! Watch the Mad Scientist create Lightning & get to twist


Junior Naturalist

Enter the fascinating world of plants & nature! Examine how plant stems work using dyes. Embark on a scent trail to identify good & bad scents. Extract natural colour from fruit, leaves, & berries to create your art masterpiece! During the Jaws & Claws snack-tivity, feed without hands – it’s a game of creativity and resourcefulness!


Junior Engineer

Get acquainted with Geometric shapes in 3D! Which basic structural shape is stronger – a triangle or a square? What is so special about the shape of an egg? Get to know engineering basics through fun activities and mind-boggling hands-on experimentation. Engage with forces when building a mega structure and discover the different models of bridges!


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