Moving with Science (16th to 20th December 2019)

Join the Mad Scientist in a fun-filled exploration of how science keeps our world moving. Take a close-up look at a wide array of scientific disciplines: chemistry, biology, engineering, physics, and optics! Take apart owl pellets to see what they cannot digest! Join a team of camper engineers and build bridges, domes, cubes and pyramids. Make your own sidewalk chalk, crystal gardens, and a chromatography-dyed T-shirt!

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Hand pouring liquid into beaker on a desk.  Another beaker on a stack of books with smoke surrounding all beakers and table

Discover our daily themes!

Super Structures

Structures are all around you, everywhere you look and everywhere you go! Join a team of scientists to inspect the elements of structures as you build, test, and – yes – even eat some structures you create. Climb inside a geodesic dome that you construct with fellow campers. Build a Soma cube puzzle that may even stump your parents!


Machine Mania

Investigate the world of simple machines as you learn that machines are helpful for work or play! Assemble and control pulleys, levers, catapults, and mega-pinchers! Use the machines you create to feed yourself and shoot ping-pong balls! Operating your simple machines will make work seem like play.


Crazy Chemistry

Chemistry is part of your everyday life, but what is Chemistry? Explore this great topic and use chemistry to make your own sidewalk chalk. Create a crystal garden out of common household items and use chromatography to make a camp T-shirt.


Birds & The Beasts

Study Biology as you become an Ornithologist and discover the unique characteristics of birds. Investigate feathers to see how birds fly. Dissect owl pellets to find out what they eat. Make your own seed mixture to attract your favourite species of birds to your own yard.



Explore the use of light to utilise more than one form of photography. Make a cool kaleidoscope with mirrors. Use a camera obscura to help you understand how a camera works. Get artistic and create a print to take home.


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