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Q: How much does a Mad Science party cost? 
A: Prices start from $520 for 15 kids, and $18 per child above 15 pax. Do contact us for more details. Alternatively, send us your enquiries using this enquiry formenquiry form
Q: For what ages are your parties appropriate? 
A: Our parties are appropriate for children between 4 to 12 years of age. See the party descriptions for more details on which programme is best suited for the age of your child. Younger siblings generally watch, but do not actively participate in the party and should not make a take home project. Older siblings who watch and do not participate are also not charged. We determine the number of attendees based on the number of children between the ages of 4 and 12. 
Q:What do kids do at a Mad Science birthday party? How Long does a party last? 
A: During the first 50 minutes, the Mad Scientist will engage children with amazing science demonstrations that are conducted with the help of your birthday child and guests. Some examples of experiments that may be included are: fitting a hardboiled egg into an impossibly small space, seeing paper catch fire but refusing to burn, and creating bubbling potions with dry ice. During the final 10 minutes of the party, the kids will make slime to take home. Add-ons will extend the party by about 10 minutes.  
Q: How far in advance do I need to book my party?
A: Our party schedule fills up quickly. We suggest you book your choice of party well in advance to get the date and time you want. Generally, at least 3 weeks in advance is recommended.
Q: Once I have scheduled my party, can I make changes to it later?
A: Changes to your party theme (i.e. Airblast change to Reactions in Action) and changes to date or time will depend on availability. Any changes to your party (numbers of kids, Goody Bags, or Mad Science Premiums) must be scheduled at least three business days before your party to make sure we bring enough supplies for all guests. Do note that you will also need to top up the price difference for the party theme.
Q: What do I need to do to make a reservation?
A: You can fill out an online request form by clicking on the “Book now” button. We will respond to your request within one business day. You can also contact us and we will be happy to schedule your party over the phone.  
Q: I have booked Young Wizards / Mad About Blue / Reactions in Action. What is required of the venue? 
A: Young Wizards, Mad About Blue, and Reactions in Action are best done in venues that can be darkened in order to optimise the spectacular lighting effects of indoor fireworks or the plasma ball. If you can achieve 50% dimmed lighting conditions, that is good enough. Parents have come up with an easy solution - simply masking tape black bin liners to any openings that let in light. Easy to put up and remove.
Q: Do I need to know the exact number of kids attending my party to book it?
A: No. All we need is an estimate of the maximum number of children you expect to attend. On the day of the party, you will be charged only for the number of kids that actually attend. Children 3 and below will not be charged. 
Q: Can I order extra Goody Boxes Mad Science Premiums, but only pay for the actual number of items used on the day?
A: Once purchased and delivered, our inventory system is unable to accept returns of Goody Boxes and Mad Science Premiums. 
Q: Do you have any themed parties?
A: All our themes revolve around science. Here are the themes we offer. We also have special seasonal themes, for example Halloween and Christmas. 
Q: When will the Mad Scientist arrive?
A: The Mad Scientist will arrive at least 15 minutes early to set up. He/she will be ready to start the show at the time you booked. 
Q: When should I advise guests to arrive?
A: It is best to invite all guests to arrive at least 30 minutes before your Mad Science show is scheduled to begin, in order to accommodate late guest arrivals. We often have back to back party bookings and the Mad Scientists need to arrive and leave punctually.
Q: What kind of space is needed?
A: We don't need a large space to get a fun party going! We have delivered parties in HDB flats many times before. All that is needed is to move the furniture to one end of the living room, against the wall and the resulting bare space created is more than enough for a party of 15-20! The Mad Scientist will need a rectangular 6 seater dining table, which we will dress into a lab bench. The Mad Scientist will conduct experiments in front of the lab bench, and the kids will be seated in rows on the floor, several feet back, facing the Mad Scientist. 
Q: How much space is needed for the rocket launch?
A: The Mad Scientist will need an open space of at least 7 metres in diameter to launch the rocket. If you are not sure whether you have sufficient space give us a call. 
Q: Will I have to provide the Mad Scientist with anything?
A: Please provide a rectangular 6 seater dining table. We will need access to water for set-up and clean-up and access to electricity. For the cotton candy upgrade we need an additional table next to an electrical outlet in a non-drafty area of the party venue. If you have ordered a Thermocolour Cup toast, please prepare enough ice cold water for all the children in an easy-to-pour jug, about a quarter paper cup per child is sufficient. N.B. The water must be very cold, at least 12 degrees Celsius.
Q:What do I have to prepare for the Thermocolour Cup toast?
A: Please prepare enough ice cold water for all the children in an easy pour jug, about a quarter paper cup per child is sufficient. N.B. The water must be very cold, at least 12 degrees Celsius before the cups will change colour. Easiest way to do this is to place 1 litre bottles of water in the freezer half an hour before the party begins and take the bottles out at the point in the party programme when the kids are making Mad Science slime. Just remember to not let the bottles of water freeze!!!
Q: Is it okay to have other activities going on while the Mad Scientist is performing?
A: The Mad Scientist will begin at the scheduled start time and continue until our portion of the entertainment is finished. We will not be able to stop for any other activities (eg. food or cake). For the best experience of a Mad Science party, it is recommended that there are no helium balloons, balloonists, face painters, or bouncy castles as they create distractions and make young children very difficult to manage, and the fun that the kids can have are negatively impacted as a result. If you must have these acitivites, please arrange for them to arrive at least 10 mins after the Mad Science party slot. 
Q: Is it okay to have another activity eg swimming before the Mad Science programme?
A: As long as all the kids are washed changed and ready for the programme at the agreed party start time. We have had instances where kids take 45 minutes to get out of the pool, bathe, and change before they are ready, by which time Mad Science only has 15 minutes left to deliver the programme. We frequently have back to back parties and need to start and leave punctually. Do factor in enough time to get the kids ready (at least 30 mins) for the Mad Science programme if you have other activities planned before the Mad Science activities commence.
Q: Can I have an outdoor party?
A: Icky Gooey Bubbly and Dinosaurs are suitable for both indoor and outdoor venues. All other party themes require indoor conditions for optimal impact. Or at least a sheltered area with access to electrical outlets that is not subject to strong wind drafts. 
Q: Is the party going to create a mess?
A: The Mad Scientist will choose an appropriate location once on site for each of the party activities. We take every precaution to minimise mess and clean up after ourselves.
Q: When do I pay?
A: Please pay at the end of your party including the additional transport fee in cash of S$40 directly to the Mad Scientist. An additional $10 extra for peak hour bookings or the following party venues: Jurong West, Jurong East, Chua Chu Kang, Changi, Woodlands, Sembawang, Sentosa, Singapore Central / City areas like the Downtown Core, CBD, Marina East, Marina South, the Museum Planning Area, Newton, Orchard, Outram, River Valley, Rochor, the Singapore River, and Straits View. And $10 extra for if we need to carry heavy boxes up any stairs. 

 If you have any other questions, please contact us.


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